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დაკავშირებული სიტყვები
სინონიმები არ მოიძებნა
შესაძლოა ასევე გაინტერესებდეთ
back-up lightbalanced-pair cablebattery cableblue light-emitting diodebonnet release cableBowden cablebrake cablebrake fluid warning lightbrake lightbrake warning lightbreakout cablebundled cableburied cableburied cable locatorburied cable terminalcablecable boxcable carcable cuttercable harnesscable lengthcable mapcable modemcable modem Internetcable plantcable railwaycable routercable spancable-stayed bridgecable strippercable systemcable telephone networkcable telephonycable televisioncable transmission parameterscable vaultcable voice portcable weightCategory 3 cableCategory 5 cableCategory 5e cableCategory 6a cableCategory 6 cableCategory 7 cableCategory X cablecheck engine lightcheck engine warning lightcoaxial cablecoherent light detection and rangingcollectively shielded cablecolour light signalcompound cableconnecting cablecontact lightcontrol cablecourtesy lightcrossover cablederailleur cabledigital light processingdirect-buried cabledrag cabledrive cableelectric lightfanout cablefiber-optic cablefibre-optic cableflat flexible cableflexible flat cablefog lightfrequency light modulatorfront fog lightHDMI cableheavy cableHFC cablehigh-voltage cablehood release cableHV cablehybrid cableignition cableincandescent light bulbincoherent lightindirect lightinstrument lightinterior lightlead cablelight¹light²light aircraftlight alloylight-alloy wheellight bulblight commercial vehiclelight crude oillight-dependent resistorlight-dutylight-duty trucklight-duty vehiclelight-emitting capacitorlight-emitting diodelight endslight-fastlight fuel oillight industrylight metallight socketlight switchlight-tightlight trucklight unitlight valvelight waterlight wavelight wavelengthlow fuel lightoctopus cableoil pressure warning lightparking brake cableparking brake warning lightpilot lightplenum cablepower cablepressure cablepulp cablequantity of lightrear fog lightrear license plate lightrear lightreinforced cablereversing lightriser cableservice cablesignal lightsingle core cablespeed of lightstop lightstraight-through cablestranded cablestrobe lighttail lighttranscontinental cable systemtrunk cableUSB cablewarning lightY cable

light cable

არსებითი სახელი
ქართულად | რუსულად
ელექტრ. „მსუბუქი კაბელი“, დაბალი ძაბვის კაბელი [შდრ. აგრ. heavy cable].